SmallWorlds is the first web-accessible, casual virtual world which is designed for mass market appeal. Online virtual worlds have traditionally been impeded by a number of factors that have prevented them from breaking through niche markets to appeal to a broad demographic. These include the need to download and install the application, complicated and intimidating user interfaces, difficulty in navigating and finding things to do in the world, and limited options to customize the world and your experience without a sophisticated level of computer expertise.


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  1. you need to let the non vip people get some of the stuff the vips can like clothes,funiture,(let pets walk around with the non vip people)and etc.
    some pearents cant aford some of that all the time

    thanks i hope you understand,

  2. No, they really don’t. They need to make money somehow! If I am willing to pay for the site, then I should have some privileges.

  3. You know, The wheel on the SW homepage the’re is a problem.No one wins the 100,000 gold! Like no one had ever! Please make a change if you agree (:.

  4. ive been on SW scince like 2008 and the purchasing of clothes is kinda cheap b/c clothes used to be free :(

  5. I think they’re shouldn’t even be a VIP account its stupid, i think we all should choose how we wanna be, VIP is stupid, My Mother will not buy VIP for cause she thinks its retarted and so do I, i would like to be a VIP but, i can’t):

  6. i agree ny parents wont allow it. they think it is just a way to cheat people out of money. it isnt fair that vips pick on us just because we arent allowed. i honestly beleive we should all be able to have vip.

  7. i think that all nonvips should be given free stuff just like the vips
    please consider it or else someday the vips will b the only players the nonvips will close their accounts

  8. Stop whinneing peopel i got my vip and all the other stuff myself I earned 1500 gold for my vip so you can put on your big boy pants and earn enough cool cloths to look vip or earn gold peopel who made sw are awesome

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