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  1. I love all of my MILITARY RANKS My father served in the ARMY Clarence Welcome with GREATNESS and if say may&always with HONORS!I also have a Big Brother serving right now as we speak in the MARINES Darnell Patton with GREATNESS&HONORS if may say yes we miss you come home real,real,real ,soon!And all our BRAVEHEARTED SOILDERS Brothers&Sister,Mother&Farther,Uncles and Cousins whom came home continue on in your lifes journey PROTECTORS!We LOVE you ALL forever 1 of GODS LIL’SOILDERS TOO! EMBRACE LOVE HUGHS AND KISSES! ~ Signing off Clarerennee~ URRAH

  2. I am requesting any and/or all Marine Corps related items as I am currently looking to expand my collection in order to eventually furnish a Marine Corps themed pub.

  3. Marines are Americas 911 service. We are the best that has ever walked the face of this earth, and ever will. Few can claim the title as a United States Marine, Few know the feeling you achieve when your senior drill instructon places you eagle, gobe and anchor in the palm of your hand after successful completion of the crucible. Semper Fi Marines.

  4. I think that if your wanting to be a Marine why dont you just go for it? Its something that you will always be proud of doing.

  5. I joined in 74 and exited in 87. Once youve experienced it there is no comparrison. “To die for the Corps is to live for ever”

  6. My husband is a United States Marine and I have never been more proud of somebody in my life. He is risking his life for this country every day, and without men and women like him, our country would be in shambles. My name is Sam, and I am a proud Marine wife!
    Ooh Rah!
    Semper Fi!

  7. i was suppose to leave for boot on february 22nd, but me along with 5000 other people have had our ship days pushed back till the 28th of june because some accountant couldn’t figure out how many recruits he was shipping. Still I wouldn’t pick any other branch to go into.


  9. Semper Fi, brothers and sisters. 10 yr. vet with son in Iraq. Pray for them all to return home safely. OOOOO RAHHHH!!!!!

  10. I want to be a Marine Soooooo bad when i grow up. NOthing will stop me. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. i would really appriciate a marines t shirt or a marines camo jacket … but i need a hat

  12. I would really like a marine shirt and/or poster. I was trying to enlist in the marines but have to wait another year because of my health issues. I am in college right now and will have my bach degree soon, may enlist or try to go as an officer right out of school, dad is a marine, and this is something ive always wanted to be

  13. I have been wanting to go to the United States MarineCorps since the 5th grade. And i am gonna go in 5 more years!!!!!!!

  14. Glad to see a few Former Marines here – I proudly served from 1965 – 1973 with 3/27 and pulled 2 tours in Viet-Nam as a forward scout / sniper and finished my tour as a Drill Instructor at MCRD, San Diego … Semper Fi; Hold ’em High; 8th & I; Carry on!

  15. I am a proud Sargent First Class of the california cadet corp and i am a future marine, Sempra Fi do or die hua hua hua!!

  16. im to old to join the marines but i fined the corp to be the fines bunch of men and women in the service. but to erery marine today and former i say ‘ho raah’ AND KEEP KEEP THE THE TREM SEMPER FI meaning someting in this land.

  17. My goal actually is to become a marine in which i have no doubt in getting accomplished. I have already contacted the recruiter and all I have to do is wait a few months till graduation and get my 15 college credits because i am graduating in a home school rather then a high school. Any free gear the USMC has to give i will take, thank you for you’re time.
    -Stephen Varela-

  18. I have always wanted to go to the marine, i have been in the NJROTC for four years….most of my life i wanted to make something more of myself!!

  19. i always wanted to join the u,s.m.c but my mom and dad to me no cuz my big bro went to war . and he came back not well. i should not care what they say but i did ….. i love u bro …. ” ho raah “

  20. I want marine gear to support my boyfriend who just left and all the other marines that is doing the things others dont think about

  21. I’m already Enlisted so i’m ecoming a Marine. I’m smoke jumping. Can’t wait to leave for Recruit training. Going to MCRD San Diego. Where all the real Marines are trained. ahha. No but OoRahh to all my devildogs and future devildogs.! Semper Fi.

  22. I was honored to serve with the finest bunch of men and women this country has to offer. I miss it every day. To all who are thinking about joining, it’s tough but also the experience of a lifetime. Semper Fidelis.

  23. i really like the marines alwys taking care of bussniss and serving our country i wishi could be a marine some day i would always protect my country and defened it till the day i die im 22 i think you troops for risking your lives out there come home safe for us oh i wa going to ask if i could have some of yalls gear i promise ill wear it every day and have people know that the marines are always the best people fighting for our country out there i would really thank yall alot well im oing to get on off here just protect our country and come home safe to us later

  24. I want to join the Marine Corps but not old enough to go talk to a recruiter i would love to sport USMC stuff. :)

  25. I could not find the form to fill out. I am not real good on my kindle yet. For that i apologize. My niece who is 8 years old is doing her social studies fair project on the Marine Corps. I am trying to help her find items for her display. If there is anyway she could get something we would be very appreciative. If so email me what to do and I will do so and send the mailing address.
    Sue Moore

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