Free 2 GB Flash Drive

To get your complimentary 2GB Flash Drive (and to find out what FREE business magazines you could receive), simply complete the following information.

70 thoughts on “Free 2 GB Flash Drive

  1. please can i get one flash drive to school ,i was told at school to bring one so my mothere and father says that they dont have money to buy one for me please i want you to get me one

  2. I think it’s amusing that people think that just posting here will get you the flash drive (or other items)
    You can get the items by clicking on the picture and following the directions. It will take you to another website, where you fill out a form (or other info/surveys/whatever) and wait.
    This website is simply the “go between” that gives you the information.

  3. I am a student & i have lost my usb drive. I cannot afford to buy a new flash drive.
    So, please send me free flash drive.

    my address is 6/53 mohhallah Sabat Kalan, Near mohhallah Dara Kalan, Near Mohhallah Sarpak, Punjab, Pakistan (48800)

  4. Sorry to ask for a flash drive my Mom lost her job and I need one for school. Things are so hard for her, I don’t want to tell her.

    She is so sad but tries not to show it to us, so I’m trying to find a free 4 GB flash drive so I don’t get into trouble at school. And don’t worry my mom more. She is already scared about everything but tries not to say.

    thanks if you can help. If not that is ok, eveyone is having a hard time.

    Hope my mom gets a job soon so I won’t have to ask

  5. I just lost two 40.00 usb flash drives in the trash. cannot afford new ones but need to get down to business.
    Thank you for your offer of free one.

  6. My daughter needs a flash drive for school and I can’t afford to buy her one right now. If I could get one from this site it would help her and I alot. Thanks.

  7. As a teacher, our textbooks are class sets and it would be awesome if i could off the textbook on flash drive for 80 6th grade students. However, I will be happy with whatever your company can give.

    Educationally yours,
    Rhonda Patterson

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