18 thoughts on “Free Adult Sex Toy on 11/4

  1. I have used a vibrator with my mate and sex oils, and all I can say is OMG, it makes love making so much more pleasurable and fun. I love seeing my mate and how aroused he gets when we play together and I would love some new toys to make our love making even more desirable than it already is.

  2. would luv to get a free sex toy cause the partner wants to try for the first time ,,,so could u help me out …..thanks

  3. i would LOVE to have a sex toy since i cannot exactly buy one.
    and have been looking for one for the last 4 years

    thank you 😛

  4. I loved all my toys, made life so much fun and smoother. My house was robbed recently and the chiefs sold them as well :’( Replacing them right now isn’t an option for me at the moment. PLEASE help bring back some of my fun and stress release back in my life.
    Supper Sincere & Thank You

  5. Never had a pocket pussy and dont have the money to get one. Pluse dont know where ther is an adult store in my location.

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